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Digital transformation of business telephony with CIMTEL

Updated: Feb 29

In today's business landscape, where technology is evolving at lightning speed, Quebec businesses must adapt to remain competitive.


CIMTEL positions itself as a key partner in this digital transformation, offering innovative VoIP business telephony solutions that meet the unique needs of each business. Our cloud telephony, VoIP, SIP, and hosted PBX services represent the future of business communication, combining flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


CIMTEL cloud telephony offers a versatile and scalable solution that adapts to the growth of your business. Unlike traditional phone systems, our cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for costly physical infrastructure, allowing businesses of all sizes to access advanced features such as call routing, telecommuting, voicemail to email, and conference calls without heavy initial investment. This move to the cloud opens the door to unified communication, where teams can collaborate more effectively, regardless of their location.


Additionally, our VoIP expertise transforms the way businesses manage their communications, providing exceptional local support and significant reduction in telephone costs. Thanks to our SIP Trunk, Quebec businesses can maximize their investment in VoIP. Our technologies enable a smooth transition to more modern and integrated communications systems.

CIMTEL is committed not only to providing cutting-edge telecommunications solutions, but also to supporting its customers at each stage of their digital transformation. Our team of telecommunications specialists work closely with each business to understand their unique challenges and provide customized solutions that support their growth and improve their competitiveness in the global marketplace.


CIMTEL's promise is clear: to offer telecommunications solutions that are not only at the cutting edge of technology, but which are also designed to support the evolution and ambitions of your business.

By choosing CIMTEL, you are choosing a partner who understands the value of effective communication and is committed to transforming this area to better meet the needs of your business in today's digital world.



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