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Tailor-made solutions for uncompromising internet connectivity with CIMTEL

CIMTEL offers a full range of high-speed internet access options , designed to meet the varying requirements of bandwidth, speed, reliability, provider diversity and redundancy for each of your locations.

CIMTEL internet connectivity

With a vast multi-operator network extended across Canada and connectivity provided by a multitude of internet providers, we are equipped to develop tailor-made internet solutions adapted to all your sites, regardless of your geographic location.


Our diverse offering of services is specially designed to fit the unique needs of each business, fiber optic, LAN-X, Coax, Wireless and even private links, ensuring robust internet connectivity for mission-critical applications such as VoIP , Teams and HD video conferencing, while ensuring an optimal user experience thanks to an unrivaled combination of speed, reliability and security.


The flexibility of our partnerships enables a leading online experience, combining the power of a fiber, coax, wavelength and even wireless connection without the need to compromise on performance. Our industry-leading team is the foundation on which we build reliable, secure solutions that can support your business growth and scale as you need it.


At CIMTEL, we understand that the uniqueness of each site requires a personalized approach. That's why our connectivity solutions are tailor-made, to ensure your business has comprehensive coverage. Whether your business is small or large, our expertise in internet connectivity is key to boosting your operational efficiency and asserting your position in the market.


Choosing uncompromising internet connectivity with CIMTEL for your internet needs means opting for a partnership with a technological leader dedicated to your success. We are committed to providing a complete service, from the initial assessment of your needs to the installation, technical assistance and maintenance of your infrastructure. With CIMTEL, seize the opportunities of a digitally connected world, armed with the connectivity needed to succeed.



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